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Woad-dyed glass cloths / tea towels

Beautiful woad-dyed glass cloths or tea towels for sale - Click on main image for more details!

Our woad-dyed 82% linen glass cloths and tea towels are produced in France. They are a linen and cotton mix and come in two traditional French patterns, Vichy and Toile Matelas.

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Woad Glass Cloth - Matelas

Woad-dyed Linen Glass Cloth - Matelas


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Woad Tea Towel - Vichy

Woad-dyed Linen Tea Cloth - Vichy


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More about our woad-dyed tea towels

These Linen Glass Cloths are ideal for buffing your glassware and dishes back to a shine and extra absorbent for drying your dishes.

Both styles are top quality linen glass cloths or tea towels made from 82% linen and 18% cotton, and colourfast and machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius. They are very easy to use and dry your dishes without depositing lint. They are made in France and measure 48 x 65 cm (19 inch x 25.5 inch) in size.

Traditional woad-dyed weaves
Vichy is two-colour checkered woven pattern typically used on cotton and linen fabrics and traditionally made in blue-and-white, as here. It is named after the French town of Vichy, which is known for the production of cotton fabrics for aprons and shirts which are typically made in this check pattern.

Toile Matelas refers to the heavy cotton fabric, often striped, and used to cover mattresses, often referred to as "mattress ticking" in English. This type of fabric is also used for upholstery and to create other kitchen accessories.

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