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Buy woad dye, soda ash and spectralite for delivery to addresses in the USA, UK and throughout the World! This woad extract is currently sold in 10 gram packs but we hope to return to larger quantities in mid-2015. [Instructions for using your woad powder here].

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You can also buy woad seeds. Prices reduced on spectralite & dithionite by 15-30%.

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Woad Dye 10 grams

Woad Pigment 10 gram pack


Woad Seeds approx 25 seeds

Woad Seeds - approx. 25 seeds


Spectralite 50 grams

Spectralite 50 gram pack for chemical vat





Spectralite 250 grams - save 1.00

Spectralite 250g - dyeing with woad & indigo


Sodium Dithionite 50 grams

Alternative to Spectralite for woad & indigo


Sodium Dithionite 250g - save 1.80

Alternative to Spectralite





Soda Ash 50 grams

Soda Ash 50 gram for chemical vat & extraction


Soda Ash 250g - save 1.90

Soda Ash 250 gram for chemical vat & extraction


Ground Madder 100 grams

Ground Madder 100 gram for fermentation vat





pH paper - 20 strips

pH paper book of 20 strips for chemical vat & extraction



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Woad watercolors

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Woad kits

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Woad watercolors

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Buy your Woad products with Credit card, Debit card or with PayPal
Buy your Woad products with Credit card, Debit card or with PayPal

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